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COVID Statement

We are excited to begin implementing additional changes at The Highlands Performing Arts Center (PAC) as we continue to take small and calculated steps toward the opening of our 2022 season.  Since the beginning, we have adjusted and implemented multiple strategies to keep performers, staff, and visitors’ sage.  We have a new air filtration system that has HEPA filters that meets the CDC recommendations for filtration and have continued to sanitize all spaces per CDC recommendations. We will continue to pay attention to changes and potential challenges regarding COVID-19 safety and adjust as needed during the year.

PAC Update and Adjustments Moving Forward

  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released new guidance for masking related to transmission levels in the community.
  • The CDC has categorized Macon County at a low transmission level as of this update.​
  • Therefore, per the CDC guidance, The Highlands Performing Arts Center will no longer require masks indoors.  However, wearing a mask remains optional for any individual.
  • Respectfully we ask that you understand that some of our PAC staff and visitors may choose to remain masked.  We encourage staff and students who prefer to wear a mask to continue to do so.
  • It remains imperative that no staff, performers, or visitors come to the PAC if they are COVID positive or are feeling unwell for any reason.

Thank you for your continually entrusting the PAC, rest assured we have taken extensive measures to keep everyone safe.