We need your financial support and participation to keep PAC alive, relevant and viable. Thank you for being there for us.  We would not be here without the wonderful support of our community. We hope you will be able to join us this year for a time of sharing and gathering.


PAC’s Memberships and Year End Giving donations go toward the daily operating expenses of the Performing Arts Center.  Our “Sponsors” assure that we bring the high quality performers to the plateau that our residents and visitors have become accustom to. Check out our website for more details and benefits of the Membership program. Please contact Mary Adair Trumbly to inquire about becoming a concert sponsor.  828.526.9047 or email: HighlandsPACnc@gmail.com

The Highlands Arts Community is composed of non-profit organizations that rely on the generosity of our Patrons to provide our outstanding entertainment.  Below, we have listed our organizations with each describing how we make use of your contributions.  Please take a moment, see what we do and support us.  Just select the organization fund to which you wish to contribute.  We remind you that your contributions are tax deductable.

     Thank You !

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