Starting with a showing of Great Art On Screen, your new Drive-in will feature classic movies and other features that you can enjoy from the comfort of your car.  Also, we will have a limited amount of space for outside viewing.  We will be very respectful of our neighbors and in doing so we will not be using speakers, but rather radio broadcasting of the show on an unused FM frequency. So you can listen on your car radio or on a portable radio.

This will be a new venture and experience for us all, so work with us on refining the process and be patient, we will get it right.

Ray's Place

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Tell us what classic movie you would like to see on the big screen

Humankind is living in a new world, the world of Covid-19 Chaos, the 2020 version of the Twilight Zone. We all miss gathering together, gathering to enjoy a meal or drink, gathering in our churches, gathering to enjoy a concert or play. The Highlands Performing Arts Center wants to bring the community together to gather and enjoy each other’s company once again, like the fun evenings at the fondly remembered Scudder’s Auctions. We have been exploring different options; one option that other performing arts centers are trying is a drive-in theater. A drive-in theater would enable us to show the National Theatre of London encore productions, Great Art on Screen documentaries, movies from the Playhouse, special pre-recorded live pop concerts (that aren’t available on the internet), church services, open mic night, children’s storytelling events, lectures and so much more, all viewed safely from your car. Use your imagination and bring us suggestions.