Final Gala Live Concert

     “Festival All Stars"

     Sunday. August 6, 5PM

     Dinner Follows at HFCC

Live Concert

     "Winds in the Mountains"

     Brice Andrus, Marci Gurnow,

         Elizabeth Pridgen, Helen Kim,

         Kate Ransom, Aloysia Friedman

     Beethoven, Brahms, Dohnanyi

     Saturday, July 8, 5PM

Live Concert

     “Viano Quartet- Debut"

     Saturday. July 22, 5PM

Live Concert

     “The French Connection"

      Michael Gurt, Zuill Bailey

      Debussy, Ravel, Chopin

     Saturday. July 29, 5PM

Live Concert

     “American String Quartet "

     Monday. July 17, 5PM

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42nd Season

July 1 through August 6


​Tickets $40 ea                                                                                                           

Student $20 ea          


Highlands Series                   $360                (10 concerts with $40 discount)

Highlands Saturday Series   $200                (5 concerts)                            

Highlands Monday  Series   $200                (5 concerts)

Cashiers Series                     $320                (9 concerts with $40 discount)          

Cashiers Sunday Series       $200                (5 concerts)

Cashiers Tuesday Series     $160                (4 concerts)


Gala concert/dinner   $200                                                                                                               

Gala concert only        $100


Live Concert

     "Bach and Bluegrass"

     Maggie & Mark O'Connor, Vega Quartet         Monday, July 3, 5PM


Live Concert

     “Jazz Meets Classics"

      Matt Herhowitz

     Etudes en Jazz

     Monday. July 24, 5PM

Live Concert

     "Eternal Love Triangle"

      Music of Clara & Robert 

          Schumann, Brahms     

     Timothy Miller, Vega Quartet

     Saturday, July 1, 5PM

Live Concert

     “The Three Graces"

     Julie Coucheron, Alice  Hong, 

        Charae Krueger

​     Mendelssohn

     Saturday, July 15, 5PM

Live Concert

     “Musical Fireworks"

      Zuill Bailey, Chee-Yun

     Massenet, Ravel, Kodaly

     Monday. July 31, 5PM

Live Concert

     “Gryphon Trio & Friends”

​      Julie Coucheron, Alice Hong,

         Charae Krueger Krueger


      Monday, July 10, 5PM