Live Concert

     "Winds in the Mountains"

     Brice Andrus, Marci Gurnow,

         Elizabeth Pridgen, Helen Kim,

         Kate Ransom, Aloysia Friedman

     Beethoven, Brahms, Dohnanyi

     Saturday, July 8, 5PM

Live Concert

     “American String Quartet "

     Monday. July 17, 5PM

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42nd Season

July 1 through August 6

Live Concert

     "Bach and Bluegrass"

     Maggie & Mark O'Connor, Vega Quartet         Monday, July 3, 5PM

Live Concert

     "Eternal Love Triangle"

      Music of Clara & Robert 

          Schumann, Brahms     

     Timothy Miller, Vega Quartet

     Saturday, July 1, 5PM

Live Concert

     “The Three Graces"

     Julie Coucheron, Alice  Hong, 

        Charae Krueger

​     Mendelssohn

     Saturday, July 15, 5PM

Live Concert

     “Musical Fireworks"

      Zuill Bailey, Chee-Yun

     Massenet, Ravel, Kodaly

     Monday. July 31, 5PM

Live Concert

     “Gryphon Trio & Friends”

​      Julie Coucheron, Alice Hong,

         Charae Krueger Krueger


      Monday, July 10, 5PM

Final Gala Live Concert

     “Festival All Stars"

     Sunday. August 6, 5PM

     Dinner Follows at HFCC

Live Concert

     “Viano Quartet- Debut"

     Saturday. July 22, 5PM

Live Concert

     “The French Connection"

      Michael Gurt, Zuill Bailey

      Debussy, Ravel, Chopin

     Saturday. July 29, 5PM


​Tickets $40 ea                                                                                                           

Student $20 ea          


Highlands Series         $360                (10 concerts with $40 discount)

Highlands Sat Series   $200                (5 concerts)                            

Highlands Mon Series $200                (5 concerts)

Cashiers Series            $320                (9 concerts with $40 discount)          

Cashiers Sun Series     $200                (5 concerts)

Cashiers Tues Series   $160                (4 concerts)


Gala concert/dinner   $200                                                                                                               

Gala concert only        $100

Live Concert

     “Jazz Meets Classics"

      Matt Herhowitz

     Etudes en Jazz

     Monday. July 24, 5PM