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Seating  & Reserved Ticket Sales Document 

Step 1 - Select the two aisle seats and click “add”


If you already have a membership your 2022 memberships will expire on December 31, 2023.  When you log on to the website with your email address, the system will recognize you and offer you an opportunity to renew your membership at that time.

If you do not have a membership, simply click on “About Us” and then “2023 Memberships,” choose your membership level, and click “Get your Membership.”

HPAC Seating

The same process is true for selecting tickets in different sections. Users navigate between section by clicking on “Pick a Different Section” and choosing A, B, or C.

Payment is done in one step.

Purchasing Tickets - Step 3

Venue Seating

Purchasing Tickets Reserved Seating Tickets

There are some limitations in purchasing tickets. 

Patrons can select tickets from one(1) section (A,B,C) at a time. When in a section, Patrons can only select from one(1) price tier (RED, GREEN, BLUE, BLACK) at a time.

For example, when you wish to purchase tickets in section B, and you wish to purchase three tickets, two RED on the aisle, and one GREEN next to the two RED seats, you will select the two RED seats, click “Add”, then click the “Pick a Different Section” button, and then select the GREEN seat and click “Add.” See below

Step 3 - Select the GREEN seat, then “add". Payment is done in one step after all tickets have been added to cart.

Purchasing Tickets - Step 1 

Purchasing Tickets - Step 2

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General Admission seating Seating

This year there are multiple prices within each section. In Sections B and C, aisle seats are designated as “premium” seats, indicated by the red color seats in Section B, and green color seats in Section C.


The venue map for our new theater, HPAC , has been created and is online.  Like last season there are three sections: A, B, and C:

Section A includes rows    AA – BB – CC

Section B includes rows    A – E

Section C includes rows    F – L

Purchasing Tickets - Different Sections

Download  the General Admission Ticket Sales Document 


Step 2 - Click "Pick a Different Section"