Cindy & Rick Trevathan

Rachael Friday & Jeff Scherck

Reshearsal Space

Jenet & Jim Robbins

Please take an opportunity to sponsor a major part of the new HPA.   Your name forever part of the Arts and this new State of the Art complex.

Nancy & Charles Harrison

Highlands Cashiers Chamber Music Festival

Main Theater Dance Floor

Executive Director's Office

Entrance 2


Administrative Offices

Jane Woodruff

Elizabeth & Jack Madden, Kim & Sue Ratliff

Charles Shirk

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Dressing Room 1

$    5,000 - $15,000

Catering Kitchen

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Lauree & Bill Greehey

$    1,000


Movie Theater

Park & Pavilion

$    100,000

Greg Anderson,  Geri & Wade Coleman, Ann & John Day,

Lobby Chandelier

Board Room

$    750,000

Concession Area 1


Concession Area 2

Carol & Stiles Kellett, Nancy & John Ludwig,

Seat Sponsor

Geri & Wade Coleman

Diane & Ray McPhail

$    50,000

Carla & Leonard Wood

Highlands Playhouse

Main Theater Lighting System

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Main Theater

Main Theater Lobby

Patsy & Bill Wolff

Green Room

Lower Level Entrance & Lobby

Grand Staircase

Box Office 1

Box Office 2

$    500,000

$    75,000

Rachael Friday & Jeff Scherck

naming opportunities

Nancy & Lyle Nichols


Movie Theater Lobby


Dressing Room 2

Name on Stone Wall

Barbara & Doug DeMaine

Named Donor Wall

Hilda & Pat Patrick

Balcony Boxes

$    25,000

Entrance 1

Main Theater Audio System

Judity & Ron Bobo

Highlands Cashiers Players