Former Allman Brothers Band bassist David “Rook” Goldflies has brought the driving energy and joy of the Allman Brothers Band’s music to life with his group, A Brothers Revival. 
A Brothers Revival captures the beauty and intensity of the soaring double leads of Duane Allman and Dickey Betts. The drumming of Butch Trucks and Jaimoe, along with the unique timpani performance mid-show, are brought to life by A Brothers Revival’s two drummers who drive the band like a freight train rolling down the Georgia train tracks.

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"A Fabulous, Successful Show ! Loved her."

In the early 60's some of the most iconic names in the history of popular music were discovered in the Motor City of Detroit, MI, better know simply as MOTOWN & SOUL.
MASTERS OF SOUL is a celebration of these artists, their music and style. The show features stylishly costumed fully choreographed tributes to your favorite Motown singers.
The audience will take the ultimate stroll down memory lane as they re-live (or discover for the first time) the incredible harmonies and smooth moves made famous by many of the greatest recording acts of all-time.

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Profile Singer, songwriter, arranger, producer, pianist, and recording artist Andrews toured and worked with many accomplished recording artists. She filled in for Whitney Houston during Enrique Iglesias’ World Tour. She worked with, Branford Marsalis, Britney Spears, Donna Summer and opened for Michael McDonald and Michael Feinstein. She also performed for President Bill Clinton’s Foundation Gala and many festivals including The Montreux and Cape Cod Jazz Festivals.

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"We Laughed All Night"!

Saturday, August 13

"It was like hearing Denver again !"

Sunday, October 2

Chris Collins and Boulder Canyon have toured internationally together delighting audiences with their talent, warmth and humor.  Collins and some of the original artists of Boulder Canyon originally met in Aspen, Colorado at the largest annual celebration of John Denver’s life and music.    Since that first initial meeting, Chris and Boulder Canyon have gone on to tour from coast-to-coast to pay tribute to the music of John Denver.

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Sunday, June 19

Saturday, October 29

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Friday, November 25

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PAC 2022 Concert Season 

BRAVO Amici have wowed audiences all over the world, from London to LA, Miami to Moscow, St. Moritz to Sardinia, New York to New Zealand. Combining the essential elements of classical crossover - pop, Broadway, the West End and opera - this group of endlessly talented friends and stage stars melt hearts and blow minds in every theater they perform, becoming a worldwide phenomenon over the years. With a show that not only entertains and excites audiences, but also connects with them on a deeper level you can guarantee it's a concert you'll never forget because of how they made you feel.

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In 2008, he started a blog as a way to release the frustrations that come with being in the world of food service. Writing stories on the Internet about annoying customers was better than poking the annoying customers in their eyes with forks.
Today, he is the voice for restaurant workers around the world, saying out loud what most people in the restaurant industry are only allowed to think.

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Saturday, September 17

One of the marks of an exceptional bluegrass band is the ability to share stories and, in turn, hold listeners in sway. It’s not enough to be a great picker or a superb singer; it’s equally important to be able to paint a picture, establish a narrative, and set them to melodies that embed those songs with an indelible impression.

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Saturday, June 25