Murray, Bennie Jo
Mussfer, Peggy & Maurice
Nichols, Lyle
Peggy Boruchow
Pippen, Charlotte
Reeves, Stephanie & Bill
Ringbakk, Madge & Chuck
Robert, Birney
Sanders, Ruby 
Sheryl & Jimmy Ray Youell

Seat Sponsor

Wingfield, Sarah Morgan & Walter
Wingfield, Sarah Morgan & Walter
Wood, Rebecca
Woodward, Brenda & Butch
Yeargin, Mary Ellen & Bob


Helen Steward
Hightower, William
Hill, Jo
Hussey, Julia & Edwin
Jackie & Fred Stumpf
Jacqueline Friedlander
Jean & Bob Markley
John Zellars Jr. & Randy Tibbals
Johnson, Joan
Joy, Frances & Brad


Sloan, Sarah & Wiley
Susan & Roland Daniel
Swanson, Dollie
Tanner, Cynthia & Bill
Tarbutton, Mrs. Hugh
Trevathan, Sandi & Bob
Wendolowski, Erika & Stanley
Wilkerson, Alexander Ross
Willey, Vance & Wilis
Wilson, Jane K & Walter

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Cathy Temple

Copenhaver, Karel
Davis, Judi & Richard
DeVault, Lynn
Dolci, Teri
Eberz, Matthew
Ellars, Beverly
Elliott, Marjory & Ronald
Fisher, Donna
Glass, Marylon
Guillaume, Barbara

Klamon, Ann & Larry
Leftwich, Fran & Dennis
Levine, Diane & Michael
Lightfoot, Amy & Ron
Lil & Don Harting
Marleen & Alfred Salo
Marty & Dan Boone
McClendon, Mary Ann
Mobley, Flossie & Tommy

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Allen, Inman & Tricia
Allen, Pat
Allison, Judy & Dick
Andrew Chmar & Gayle Watkins
Ann & Claude Sullivan
Barbara & Richard Reddig
Bauknight, Harriet & Clarence
Bauknight, John & Susan
Bock, Debi & David
Boyle, Terrel