TASK:  "Patron Dollars":  Create a "bucket" of money as a benefit for donations to Playhouse to be used anywhere the patron wishes, e.g. tickets, concessions.

After thorough research with Agile the idea of "Patron Dollars" as a CREDIT will not be possible. We cannot put money into an account and have the patron use it as they wish as there is no credit capability in Agile at this time.  A gift card, electronic or physical can be done, but the challenge is that the HPA uses One Shopping Cart and we cannot limit the use of the gift card or credit card to Playhouse only events.  Using the credit card is possible; however, a process or policy would have to be  developed to credit / pay back the other stakeholders whn patrons use the card for their events.

Work Notes

TASK:  Anonymous Donations:  Since you MUST use email and/or names with on line credit card purchases, completely anonymous donations are not possible. However, by adding a question to the donation process we can ask the patron if they what to be recorded as ANONYMOUS.

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