#3 TASK:  REPORTS Account  Balance -  If you look at the Accounting Batch Audit - Consolidated Cash Out report for March 2nd, it looks like only your actual purchases showed up. It doesn't seem to show that you paid $5 for your $1 item. And the coke shows at the correct amount as well.  However, the credit card batch won't match up because it will show the $5 purchase. 

Work Notes

#4 TASK:  REPORTS Executive Summary -  Filter the current Executive Summary Report per Stakeholder.

#2 TASK:  REPORTS - Credit Card -I would like to have the Daily Sales Summary but JUST  for Credit cards. Then I would like to have the same report just for checks & cash.  AND to have both break down the ticket sales by event.

The Daily Audit – Detail breaks down the ticket sales by event, but doesn’t break down the fees.

I’m having a hard time distinguishing what the Escrow account owes me and for what event.  It shows the Memberships and Donations but not events

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