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Theater Group

Register for next Production

Planning to join PAC Educational Theatre’s upcoming registration? Download the forms and have everything filled out before you arrive. Bring completed form and method of payment (Cash, check or credit card) to our in person registration for a more convenient and faster experience. 


Family Group Discounts, Payment Plans, and limited Scholarships available

(Please contact us for more information.) 

Charity Donation

Volunteer Signup

PAC Educational Theatre will be in need of many volunteers to make this new adventure run smoothly. We hope that you will join us and volunteer with the many aspects of the weekly workshops and then help during our production week. When you come across the volunteer sheet in your packet at our first workshop, or are asked to sign up on the volunteer forms, please don’t just dismiss it with thoughts like, “Someone else will do the job,” “I don’t have time to get involved,” “They already have someone doing that,” “I don’t have any special talents,” etc.  There is always room for more volunteers and we will never ask that you do more than you are able or have the time to do. If you need some help determine where you can fit some volunteer activities into your schedule, please speak to Tanya Bishop, our Managing Producer. She will be happy to get you started.

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